Be the proud owner of a PWA (Progressive Web App) - an app that is delivered through your web browser. PWAs combine the power of a mobile website and a native app and are accessible across all mobile devices.

The drag-and-drop software makes it simple to build an app and the online course will guide you through every step of the process.

With two thirds of digital time spent on mobile devices there has never been a better time to go mobile...

PWAs are accessible across all mobile devices as well as desktop.

PWAs are accessible across all mobile devices as well as desktop.


What you will learn

This course is split into six manageable units:

  1. What is a PWA? Discover one of the biggest emerging mobile technologies in the last several years.

  2. Design - The design step is where you'll create a dynamic design for your app home screen, choose the navigation type and create each feature's styling, such as the colour, background image and font.

  3. Build - The build step is where you manage the majority of your app's content, including adding and changing the app's features

  4. Manage - Get to grips with your apps robust analytics and learn how to send push notifications.

  5. Promote - The Promotional Kit is an all in one solution to create seamless promotional material for your business. The kit includes a Poster, Table Tents and Table Cards.

  6. Publish - Gain access to your PWA!

Learning method

100% online - Our state-of-the-art online course couldn't be easier to navigate and has a proven record of getting results...

Course Duration

6-8 weeks

Awarding Body


Need more info’?

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