+ I am an employer, looking to improve the skills and qualifications of my staff to boost my business - how can Free Courses in England support me?

We support thousands of employers through the wide provision of short vocational courses and bespoke training. Our provision gives employees the skills that can power any business, while helping them feel valued and part of a company committed to their professional well-being. Vocational courses include those in health and social care, business and personal development. Our bespoke training covers a broad spectrum of mainly health and social care topics, including end of life care, equality and diversity, and nutrition and health, but there are other topics to meet the specific individual needs of employers in many sectors.

+ How does Free Courses in England access funding for my employees?

We work closely with the Department for Education, which means we can offer most of our courses fully funded, subject to learner eligibility. Each year, the Government sets objectives for skills in England and allocates part of its budget to those areas.


+ I am an employee, looking to improve my skills in the workplace through new learning and qualifications - how can Free Courses in England help me achieve my goals?

We offer an extensive range of easily accessible, nationally accredited courses that have been created to help thousands of people each year to improve their career and life prospects through training and learning. They are flexible in design, which means they allow for learning to happen at a time and place suitable for each individual learner, be it in the workplace or at home. Market-leading and nationally accredited, they include short vocational courses that can be completed in a number of weeks. If successfully completed, they leave a beneficial personal legacy that can last a lifetime. Courses available include health and social care – which are the most comprehensive in the country – as well as business administration, engineering, team leading, management and leadership, and personal development. Our courses tie in to essential knowledge and skills required to carry out certain job roles, and are an excellent way of learning, bringing a host of benefits to staff members.

+ How long do your courses take to complete?

We specialise in many types of learning, with courses lasting from a few weeks to a year. Our short courses are flexible by name and flexible by nature. They are designed to allow learners to fit their learning around their employment obligations and can be completed in a number of weeks or months, depending on the level.

+ Where does learning for your courses take place?

We have solutions for all requirements. Our short courses are perfect for those who prefer to work from home.

+ How do your courses fit into my work and life balance?

We have developed a wide range of market-leading short courses which are highly flexible in their design. They allow learners to fit their studies around their working hours and home life by using either high-quality online or paper learning materials. Highly skilled and qualified associate tutors directly support learners in the workplace through regular scheduled visits, and we also provide high-quality online support. This includes through our market-leading online assessment platform, e-Assessor, which has supported thousands of learners to achieve their qualification and is endorsed by all of our awarding body partners. It helps the learner complete their whole course online.

+ Are your courses recognised by employers?

All of our courses are accredited by UK government-recognised awarding bodies. These include NCFE CACHE, with whom we work closely to ensure our existing courses, and all new ones, meet approved standards of excellence and are certified as such. NCFE CACHE is a national awarding organisation which designs, develops and certifies nationally recognised qualifications and awards.