Business Benefits

  • Ensures staff have the knowledge to carry out their role

  • Provides skills to ensure accuracy and competency

  • Gives employees a high standard of learning to support workplace roles

  • Reinforces the importance of detail

  • Builds employee confidence and competence

  • Improves your team’s understanding of the basic skills needed within your organisation


Learner Benefits

  • Achieve a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification

  • Further personal and professional development

  • No need to formally attend a college

  • Learn in your own time

  • Flexible delivery model

  • Support and guidance from a dedicated team


Course Content

  • Develop understanding of basic numeracy and literacy

  • Review essential knowledge to carry out everyday and more complex tasks

  • Learn the importance of accuracy


What you will learn

  • Listening and Responding To Others

  • Speaking To Others

  • Participating in Discussions

  • Constructing Sentences

  • Interpreting Texts

  • Composing Texts

  • Responding To Creative Texts

Downloadable Content

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